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How to Replace Aprilaire Filter

How To Replace Aprilaire Filter

Apirlaire whole house air cleaners though very effective, can be very frustrating to say the least to replace. The most common are Aprilaire models 2200, Aprilaire 2400 and Aprilaire 2250. The replacement cartridges for these include the aprilaire stock 201 and the Aprilaire stock 401

One of the big reasons these can be so frustrating to replace is because of the pleat spacers or large black comb looking dividers. The biggest mistake people make is to try to remove them by pulling up to high on one side in turn breaking off the other end. It can really test your patience when reinstalling them trying to get each comb finger between the pleats. You can avoid all this hassle by replacing them with a ridged style that allows you to discard the filter pleat spacers and the two black tracks that they snap into. The original replacements are MERV 10 but you can upgrade to a higher rating of 11 or 12 in the ridged style. The higher merv rating filters will remove more dust and dirt particles. These replacements can be purchased online at HVAC Maintenance and Supplies. There are some generic replacements sold for less money that can be very difficult to replace do to the quality of the filter.

If you choose to stay with the original style there are some tips that may make this task a little less stress full and maybe save you some time to do something you would much rather be doing.

First step is to be sure you order the correct replacement. This is best done by getting the model of the unit. Once you have the proper filter replacement remove the front cover of the assembly.

Slide the insert assembly out of the filter housing and lay it flat on the floor with the combs facing up. Use a pliers to grab each pleat spacer at the point that it connects to the frame and unsnap it from the track being carful not to lift it so high that you break the other end. If you have broken pleat spacers they can also be puchaced online at www.mainsupplies.com . Disconnect and remove all pleat spacers and the top and bottom tracks that hold them. Next unsnap and open the two book like ends of the tan frame that hold the filter. Remove and discard the old filter first taking note at how the top and bottom flaps are folded over the end tracks. If you use the new ridged style you simply place the new cartridge into the tan frame, close the book ends and reinsert the assembly back into the housing. If you decide to stay with the original style place it back into the frame as the old one was and try to evenly spread the pleats out so you can install the pleat spacers. One you put the black top and bottom tracks on take one pleat spacer and insert one comb between each pleat. When you get one complete comb installed slide it back and forth to spread the pleats out for the rest of the pleat spacers to be installed. Insert each additional spacer next to the first one you installed then slide over to where it snaps into the track. Once all the pleat spacers are in place close the frame ends and slide the assembly back into the housing.

Many people ask how often should these filters be replaced? They can last up to one year depending on the atmosphere of the air they are filtering. Some people will replace them every six months or more often in very dirty areas. If your home has two dogs three cats and four kids you may have to replace them more often. If you can actually seen heavy build up on the filter then you may want to increase the frequency of your changes.

This article was wrote by Terry Manlick of HVAC Maintenance & Supplies. Other HVAC Maintenance related articles as well as maintenance products such as vbelts, replacement filters and coil cleaners can be purchased online at www.mainsupplies.com

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